Thursday, May 15, 2003

EURO SPEAK: GDP in the Eurozone grew at 0% last quarter; Eurostats headline is:

"Euro-zone and EU15 GDP stable"

Fair enough - I mean who would want something as destablising as growth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

MISSING STORY: Interesting article in the Economist business section on “Big Oil’s Dirty Secrets”. All the more interesting because it fails to mention Elf and the current corruption trial in France. Maybe that’s because the Economist thinks that Elf can’t really be classified as a "business"?
HA! 1: Canard watch on the Jason Blair affair; I think that its time to start counting the number of times NY Times apologists mention the idea that the NY Times fact checking obsession is an indicative of their higher ethical standards compared to say British journalists. Nothing to do with a lack competition, of course. In the UK the only journalistic outfit that makes such a play of its ethics and fair complaints procedures is the state funded and regulatory protected Beeb. If there’s a lesson to be drawn from the Blair affair (and Greg Dyke’s recent speech) it is that in the media, monopoly begets pomposity. And a lose grip in reality.
MINNESOTA GOES RED: Well I’ve been busy lately so not blogging much but when I read this one, I felt compelled to put down my banjo and hit the keyboard. So after electing a republican senator, governor and legislature, Geitner Simmons concludes that Minnesota might be turning red! Pultzer winning journalism! Carry on like this and you might just get a job at the BBC

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