Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A Game Theory Gordian Knot
Econopundit is having a debate on whether game theory is pant or not. This seems like a good test:
“Suspected al-Qa'eda gunmen launched co-ordinated attacks on a diplomatic district of Damascus last night, sparking a fierce battle with security forces on the streets of the Syrian capital.”

Lets get this right; Saudi Arabia is its sponsor – Al Quaida attacked it; Morocco is a Muslim country– Al Quaida attacked it; Saudi Arabia is its main political supporter; – Al Quaida attacked it; Syria waves al quaida terrorists into Iraq - Al Quaida attacks it.
Any game theorists out there who can rationalise this strategy? And somehow I don’t think a totally mixed strategy solves it.

Don Quixote Rides Again

When it comes to upholding economic principles the EU continues to take a tilt at the windmills
“Europe's new economic affairs commissioner yesterday signalled he intended to take a hard line against countries that breach the Stability and Growth Pact”

A tough stance indeed; expected answer – non.
Nonetheless out of this pathos we get some comedy from economic affairs commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, as he explains what he intends to do:
“he indicated he could act against Italy, the UK and the Netherlands for breaking its rules.”

Good Idea – except that the UK isn’t a member of the Euro zone and not subject to the so Stability and Growth Pact. Don’t laugh at the back – you all remember your first days on the job.

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