Saturday, December 18, 2004

Oi Look At that Cute Fuselage

The British Council to celebrate its 70th birthday

“..asked people learning English with us all over the world to tell us their most beautiful English words.”
40,000 votes from 102 countries yielded the usual smalch such as “cherish, freedom, liberty, serendipity” but a couple of interesting ones crept in. At 67 we have “fuselage”!?? I can quite picture the context under which this could be construed as beautiful” – “the fuselage of the 747 is nearly twice as wide as that of the 727”, ah yes vedy butiful, angi san!

And then we have “oi” at 61? In my experience “oi” usually preceeds either an insult or a head-butt, so I can only presume that the there’s a large body of English students out there who enjoy being abused – by guys like Harry

The Stuff of Nightmares

The BBC series “The Power Of Nightmares” made the rather fantastical claim that actually the cold war was a CIA inspired plot. Yeah right no one would believe that? No. Well yes. One month later and Lord Hoffman delivers the rather extraordinary judgment that the

“Indefinite imprisonment in consequence of a denunciation on grounds that are not disclosed and made by a person whose identity cannot be disclosed is the stuff of nightmares
What he was actually talking about was the detention of terrorists whose home countries won’t accept them back, meaning that they cant be deported. This is sort of equivalent to the local dealer leaving his psychopathic pitt bull in your garden and then refusing to accept it back, at which point the eminent Hoffman opines that it is your obligation to give it the freedom to you’re your house.

But this is besides the point; a lot of people say that the BBC propaganda is harmless it is not, it seeps into the thinking of even, or perhaps particularly the highly intelligent.

My dissenting opinion – nuts!

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