Sunday, December 26, 2004

Everyone Wants to be Heard

There’s some controversy raging over at the Belmont Club over the statement by Jack Stokes that
“Insurgents want their stories told as much as other people”

And it turns out that this sentiment is relatively widely held, Frank Gardner, who was recently shot in Saudi Arabia says in an interview in the Telegraph:

"Ironically, said Mr Gardner, Arab contacts later told him that his would-be assassins regretted shooting him.
"I am one of the few people who have tried to bother to explain what al-Qa'eda is about, and now they have taken me off the air for several months," he said.
"Initially their supporters thought it was great that they had hit the BBC because they got lots of publicity, but once they found out it was me they realised it was a bit of an own goal."

This reasoning seems to comes out of the pop psyc belief that problems aired are problems solved. But even it you believed this at an individual level, you’d have to question whether this reasoning is valid when applied to groups as a whole.

From a world you couldn't make up:-

"The Metropolitan Police will no longer describe black people as black, as part of a new attempt to counter charges of racism in the force. Both black and Asian people will in future be referred to as "visible minority ethnics".....

"The official claimed that the term would allow these communities to be distinguished from others - such as the Irish and the Greeks - whose members are, according to the new terminology, "invisible" because they tend to be light-skinned."

So what would a sun burned paddy be then - a visible or invisible minority ethnic.

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