Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yellow Paper

Election coming up and after a serious review Labour announces that the License fee will be renewed for 10 years. Unlikely to be connected.

THE BBC won a ten-year extension to the licence fee from the Government
yesterday for the modest price of seeing its board of governors split in two.
From 2007 the corporation will be regulated by a BBC trust, to be headed by
the current chairman, Michael Grade, and managed by an executive board led by
Mark Thompson, the Director-General.

However, in a clear victory for Mr Grade, coming a year after the Hutton debacle, there will be no external regulation. Nor will the BBC have to share its £2.8 billion licence fee income with other broadcasters until 2017

As the Times observes

The Green Paper on the future of the BBC published by Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, yesterday, might be more accurately described as a Yellow Paper. It displays an intellectual cowardice on too many questions confronting the corporation. It meekly endorses the status quo on issues such as the licence fee despite the transformation of the universe of broadcasting since the royal charter was last renewed.

Super Bowl of Rice

Looking at the Way Condi was turned out in her European tour I was afraid that we were going to have a Janet Jackson moment. In fact for a moment I thought saw glimpse of a tit; then I realized she was just shaking hands with Gerhard Schroeder.

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